Who We Are

At UrbanSpyTech, whatever your requirements and concerns are, our investigation team and professional hackers have you covered. Our partners and associates are committed to excellence and have a long history of successfully representing our customers. The National Association of Investigative Specialists has accepted us as a member.

Our Professional hackers are certified in ethical hacking and Cisco with Years of experience in Web app hacking, Mobile app hacking, Network vulnerability assessment, and Incident Response. Virus and malware removal specialist, Database Management and Hacking, Tracking and Funds recovery expert.

Safe & Secure Service

Protection of all kinds is our business – including, but not limited to: penetration testing and ethical hacking, counter-intelligence and counter-surveillance, industrial espionage, surveillance detection and interruption

Software & Mobile Phone Hacking

Next generation of smartphone monitoring software, worry less about your child or employee abusing their SMS or Internet privileges.

Private Investigaton

View the target, Instant Location.
Our targets never see us coming neither do they know when our malwares are installed on their devices

Social Engineers "Human Hacking"

With little or no technology involved, our team of team specialize in mitigating and carrying out social engineering attacks on people or targeted organisations.

What We Do

Hacking Service


  • Mobile Phone ( iOS & Android)
  • Computer Hacking
  • Database Infiltration
  • Email Compromise
  • Wifi & Network Attacks

Information Gathering


  • Background Checks
  • Criminal History
  • Elder Abuse & Exploitation
  • Interviewing Witnesses
  • Corporate Due Diligence

Location & Surveillance


  • Location Tracing
  • Infidelity Detector
  • People Finder
  • Network Analysis
  • Asset & Recovery

Forensics & Others


  • Romance Scam
  • Reclaim Crypto
  • Fake Broker
  • Honeypot Scam
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Spyware & Spoofing

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8 Years Running

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Tech Insights

UrbanSpyTech utilizes real-time tracking software, social intelligence investigative techniques, and unmanned aircraft operations, in conjunction with traditional investigative approaches to deliver results. This substantial investment in Next-Gen Technology is unique in this industry and has proven to be a significant competitive advantage.

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